Aliton’s carries an entire product line designed for optimum foot health care.  Our footcare products are recognized as the #1 “ready-made” foot orthotic system.  With styles for all walks of life ranging from young athletes to those suffering from diabetic or arthritic foot problems, our products offer immediate, affordable relief from painful foot conditions.

Whether you have bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, or just need arch support, Aliton’s has the products to help your feet.  Our footcare line includes specially designed shoes designed to address the needs of those with arthritis or diabetes, or for those who are seeking the highest comfort in a shoe.  We also carry a complete line of footcare orthotics for the sports enthusiast, insoles for those with diabetes or arthritis, dress orthotics for everyday wear, heel cups and cradles, arch supports, metatarsal supports, and every type of pad, cushion, splint and support for toes and feet imaginable.