Over two million women are currently living with breast cancer and in need of comprehensive health care.  At Aliton’s, we pride ourselves on our ability to service each woman’s special needs for breast forms and mastectomy products with dignity and compassion.

We recommend our fine breast forms as products women will come to know and appreciate as the best on the market.  Expertly crafted, our breast forms are properly fit by our own certified female fitters to best meet each woman’s needs and lifestyle.  Our breast forms come in a wide array of skin tone colors, styles and shapes.  Each form is designed to blend with the body, creating a natural “drape” that matches the woman’s silhouette. Our attachable breast form helps women experience a new freedom and reach a new level of personal confidence.


Aliton’s mastectomy department also provides a variety of accessories including mastectomy bras, camisoles, turbans, wigs and mastectomy swimwear. Our private fitting and consultation room offers privacy and provide a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.

Our goal is to provide every customer we service with quality service and products so they may return to their personal environment feeling confident and looking great.

With a staggering number of people undergoing breast surgery, it is comforting to know that Aliton’s has the expertise and supplies to meet anyone’s special needs.  Experience the personal care and quality service that sets Aliton’s apart from the competition.