Aliton’s Pharmacy has an extensive selection of canes: wooden canes in a variety of finishes, adjustable canes, canes with seats, folding canes, orthopedic grip canes, designer canes, bariatric and offset canes. To help make your cane more usable, we have ice cane grips, cane holders, straps, and extra-large cane tips that keep your cane standing up.

Quad Canes For people needing a little more support than basic canes provide, quad canes offer greater stability. They are available in both small and large bases and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Crutches We have adjustable crutches available in a variety of sizes and crutch pad accessories to make your crutches more comfortable to use.

Forearm Crutches If you need crutches for longer periods of time, Forearm or Canadian crutches provide less strain and greater maneuverability than standard crutches.