Scooters are often the perfect choice for the person who requires powered mobility without needing power wheelchair seating options. Scooters can help keep you mobile and independent with today’s active family lifestyles.

Aliton’s Pharmacy Home Healthcare Centers carries scooters from (Pride) and (Invacare)

We have both three and four wheel small, very transportable scooters up to large, outdoor scooters with higher ground clearance available to fit every person’s needs.

If you need accessories for your scooter, we have various items to make your scooter more customized such as: scooter covers, extra baskets, drink holders, cane and crutch holders, and safety flag holders.

Aliton’s Pharmacy Home Healthcare Centers has full-time, factory-trained service technicians who service all the products that we provide.

Some health insurance carriers require extensive paperwork from your physicians. We can help with this and all your medical equipment paperwork. Call Aliton’s Pharmacy Home Healthcare Centers at 1-800-ALITONS for more information.

NOTE TO MEDICARE RECIPIENTS: If you have Medicare and a secondary insurance, your scooter may be covered if you need a scooter to perform Mobility-Related Activities of Daily Living (such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, dressing, toileting etc..) within your residence because of a medical problem that limits your ability to walk and you are unable to self-propel in a manual wheelchair. You will need to have a specific appointment with your physician to be evaluated for a scooter. Your physician will be required to document the need for a scooter in order to submit your claim for payment. We can help with this and all the other paperwork to make it as easy on you as possible.