Aliton’s staff is trained to fit all patients with a variety of braces including back braces, scoliosis braces and corsets, abdominal supports, wrist, ankle, foot, and knee braces, finger splints, cervical collars, hernia trusses and more.   Our staff will train the patient on the proper care and usage of the brace or support.


Aliton’s line of compression hosiery accommodates patients that may need a little extra support, as well as those with vascular problems, venous disease, lymphedema, leg discomforts and hypertrophic scarring. Our compression hosiery help improve circulation in the legs and are widely recommended to alleviate tired, aching legs, and help to manage varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, edema, and lymphedema.


For those special patients unable to come in for a personal fitting, Aliton’s can make an appointment to send one of our certified fitters to measure and fit the patient right in their home!  From head to toe, our caring staff will assure that every patient receives the correct, properly fit brace or support priced within their budget.  Our goal is total customer satisfaction with our products.