Aliton’s Managed Care Pharmacy, Inc., our institutional closed-shop pharmacy, is the newest addition to our growing Aliton’s family.  Aliton’s Managed Care Pharmacy specializes in serving ursing homes, rehabilitative centers, hospitals, medical institutions, AHRC’s, and small adult care homes with low cost prescriptions, over the counter remedies, home healthcare equipment and medical supplies.  Each department within Aliton’s Managed Care Pharmacy offers a special service to assist each of our facilities, our clients, doctors, nurses, and caregivers.  Whether the need is for physician MAR’s, drug utilization reviews, pharmaceutical in-services for healthcare professionals, or routine presentations to assist caregivers with special needs their patients may have, Aliton’s Managed Care Pharmacy is there to assist you every step of the way.


The owner’s of Aliton’s Managed Care Pharmacy bring forth over 30 years experience in serving the needs of our customers.  Each owner is actively involved in the hands on management of the day-to-day operations of Aliton’s Managed Care Pharmacy.  Unlike large corporate companies, key decision making on issues pertaining to customer service are handled efficiently and expeditiously.   Our staff provides caring and quality services to assist each healthcare professional in making sure that every customer’s specials needs are met.  Our commitment to the success of our institutional business is solidified by our tight relationships with our accounts and our customers.  We are dedicated to providing the finest in institutional pharmacy services while bringing efficient, quality, caring services to all of our residents.


The order process typically begins with a phone call or fax to one of our clinical pharmacists.  As the order is entered into our LAN computer system, each prescription is checked carefully for drug interactions, correct dosage and strength, and proper directions.  Once approved, the order is computer generated and brought to our Triage Department.  At this workstation, a second pharmacist carefully reviews the prescriptions and accompanying labels again, for accuracy, and does a cross reference check with the patient’s profile to assure that there are no hidden complications or drug interactions that may present.  The order is then brought to our Packing Station where trained pharmacy technicians will now either manufacture, repackage, blister pack, or compound the order for delivery under the direct supervision of the bench pharmacist.  Once the order has been completed, it is checked a third time by a Bench Pharmacist who then packages the orders and prepares it for delivery.  This triple check system we have implemented, although costly to our company, provides a nearly flawless, error free environment for our prescription processing.  Our customers and their patients can feel confident knowing that Aliton’s Managed Care Pharmacy has implemented such a strong quality assurance protocol.


To afford facilities cost saving measures, our institutional Pharmacy Department has specialized pharmacists who have experience in dealing with creating cost saving drug formularies.  By working with the administrators, healthcare professionals, and physician, and pharmacy consultants, Aliton’s Managed Care Pharmacists work hard to provide cost savings for each facility while ensuring positive outcomes for each resident.


At Aliton’s Managed Care Pharmacy, we have the capability of offering several different forms of medicine packaging.  Whether the facility and/or patient requires blister cards, 7day exchange, multi-dose packaging, unit dose packaging, bottles, and vials, or even HOA package dosing, Aliton'[s Managed Care Pharmacy can meet any requirement that any patient or facility may have.  Our pharmacists oversee the entire blister process to assure correct dosing, medicine and strength.  At Aliton’s Managed Care Pharmacy, we make every effort to offer each facility the packaging of their choice.  To keep up with the changes in technology, Aliton’s Managed Care Pharmacy has recently acquired a PAC-MED multi-dose packaging machine, to reduce medication administration errors and assist with patient compliance.


Aliton’s Managed Care Pharmacy Medical Records Department is available to work with the nursing staff and provide them with physicians’ order forms, MARs, TARs, Psychoactive flow sheets, side effect sheets, etc.  We offer a variety of forms and services in this department.  Our staff is knowledgeable, and willing to assist you and your staff in any way possible.


At Aliton’s Managed Care Pharmacy, we offer prescription savings in a variety of ways.  Not only can we assist in streamlining and creating a cost-effective formulary, or reducing nursing administration times with multi-dose packaging, Aliton’s Managed Care Pharmacy also strives to maintain a solid working relationship with all admissions and business office personnel.  Our Billing Department plays a vital role in cost containment by keeping current insurance status of each resident for billing purposes.   We often times assist many facilities by coordinating covered medications to be passed through various insurances, Medicare and Medicaid instead of being billed to the facilities.


Time management is another asset that Aliton’s Managed Care Pharmacy offers its customers.  We know that time is money, and we also understand the importance of our customers receiving their orders on time.  Our staff strive to make sure that each and every order we receive is handled quickly and efficiently from the time the order is received through the time our courteous delivery staff arrive promptly at your door.  Our fleet of delivery vehicles service the entire Tri-State areas of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.   Our customers feel confident knowing that their orders are handled carefully and expediently.


To make sure that our customers receive the best customer services possible, our management staff make sure to provide each and every employee with a safe and pleasant work atmosphere which yields a productive work environment.  This allows us to place you, our customer, as our highest priority.


When considering a pharmacy and home healthcare vendor for institutional pharmacy needs, we invite you to experience the teamsmanship and professionalism that our Aliton’s Managed Care   Pharmacy has to offer.