Aliton’s Pharmacy has been equipped with a ScriptPro robot that performs the time consuming and tedious tasks of counting pills, filling vials and labeling prescriptions, using advanced robotics and automation for almost 20 years. With ScriptPro automation, our pharmacists have more time to answer questions and counsel their customers.

Once a prescription is entered into our pharmacy computer system, the ScriptPro robot determines the correct size vial, then finds the specified drug. Using bar code scanning, it verifies the location of the drug. The robotic arm holds the vial and counts the pills as they are automatically dropped into the vial. The arm then places the vial on a conveyer belt and the patient label is applied.

Bar code scanning is used throughout the system to assure that the correct drug and quantity is given to the patient. Our pharmacist and staff makes the final check for accuracy, comparing the pills in the vial with a computer screen image of the drug.

Our pharmacists are pleased to have had our ScriptPro robot part of our staff for many years. It never calls in sick or takes a vacation. The system counts and fills up to 100 prescriptions per hour, so customers get their medications promptly, even during our busiest days.