Aliton's knowledgeable staff are trained and certified by industry standards.  We instill confidence in our customers, assuring that they are receiving the quality care and service they deserve.

The expert service at Aliton's begins the moment our customer calls us, or walks through our doors.  Our homecare coordinators assist you and your doctor in determining what product or service will best meet our customer’s needs.  Aliton's experienced billing department will gladly process all claims for the customer.  We accept Medicare, Medicaid, No-Fault, Workman’s Compensation and Private Insurances.  Aliton's trained delivery technicians promptly deliver and setup all rental equipment, giving full instruction on the proper use, care and maintenance.  At Aliton's, we are there for the customer, each step of the way.

The staff at Aliton's will expertly fit and train all customers on appropriate ambulatory aids, such as canes, walkers and crutches.  We stock a large selection of styles in a wide range of prices to meet the physical and financial constraints of any patient. At Aliton's, our customers will find the largest variety of bathroom safety equipment, including patient lifts, transfer benches, shower chairs, safety rails and much more.  With nearly one-third of all home accidents occurring in the bathroom, Aliton's is dedicated to helping our customers make the bathroom safe.