Monthly Holiday Insights

Many of our daily activities and social events are scheduled around holidays, special events, and observances. There seems to be something to celebrate every day of the year. On most days, more than one a day. Aliton's Pharmacy hopes to give you a little information and insight for some of the more widely celebrated and observed.

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October Holidays

October arrives with a crispness in the air. The days continue to get shorter. Jack Frost will pay many of us a visit, and we just might see the first snowflakes of the season. October holidays big and small fill the calendar this month. There are October National holidays and International holidays. Every day, we get to celebrate several special, unique, or quirky fun days, too. Rather than pick a holiday each day to enjoy, why not celebrate them all? It will be loads of fun. Then, as we head towards the end of the month, things start to become eerie and more than a little scary. We enjoy the lead-up to one of the biggest and spookiest holidays of the year… Halloween!  Halloween has become more than just a day, it’s a whole season teeming with traditions and fun things to do.

Columbus Day

2nd Monday in October

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Observed the Entire Month


October 31st

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